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When your LIABILITY protection is not enought to protect your asset agains a Law suit,to think about this coverage who extend you protection  over the limit you will choose for an inexpensive premium you will gain a peace of mind.  Remember accident happen 
 Commercial Umbrella Insurance
All businesses are different, and not just because of the products or services they offer. Some companies work with the public while others are only business to business. Some commercial enterprises work with potentially dangerous materials or in potentially dangerous environments while others are at stationed behind desks. Depending on the specific situation of your company you may require more than what the standard liability insurance offers.
Your standard liability insurance protects you and your business against certain types of loss but may not provide sufficient coverage in the event of a lawsuit or if your business is faced with overwhelming cost claims. Jonray Insurance Inc. in Miami provides commercial umbrella insurance that offers additional protection and coverage to pick up where your standard liability policy finishes off.
Can You Afford a Large Claim Made Against Your Business?
Under certain circumstances, liability claims against your business may require you to pay out of pocket for legal fees, medical bills, and other damages. Consult with a Jonray Insurance Inc. insurance specialist to add an extra layer of essential protection to your existing liability coverage in case damage claims exceed the limits of an existing primary policy.
Commercial Umbrella Coverage. Protects Your Business Assets from:
 Slip and fall accident on your commercial property that causes a serious injury
 Significant damage or injury caused as a result of an error
 Liability claims due to negligence or misrepresentation in the course of advertising or providing services
 Offers expanded auto and property coverage not included in your primary policy
Customize Your Commercial Umbrella Policy
No two businesses are alike. From a professional health care provider’s office, to a beauty salon or auto body shop, each commercial enterprise has different insurance needs. Many business owners remain unaware of the financial consequences involved if faced with a significant legal claim and most have even less time to study all of their insurance options. To learn how specific commercial umbrella coverages can affect and protect your business, contact an experienced First Avenue Insurance. agent to discuss your options for the financial protection you need.
When your LIABILITY protection is not enought to protect your asset agains a Law suit,to think about this coverage who extend you protection  over the limit you will choose for an inexpensive premium you will gain a peace of mind
Remember accident happen 

Personal Umbrella Insurance
We can’t always change the outcome of an accident, but we can avoid any accompanying financial catastrophes with the extra protection offered by an umbrella insurance policy. Even though the coverage provided by your homeowner and automobile insurance policies will protect you in the event of personal injury, accident or liability,a umbrella policy picks up where the coverage of your standard policy ends.
What Does Extra Protection Include?
Discuss your options with our knowledgeable Miami insurance agents who offer personal umbrella coverage for:
  • Extra coverage that goes beyond the limits of your home and auto insurance policies
  • Personal injury including defamation of character, libel and more
  • Legal defense coverage gives you financial protection in regards to legal expenses, such as hiring an attorney
  • Customized coverage options for maximum protection of your assets
When is Personal Umbrella Insurance Necessary?
Increased costs for medical care and rising rehabilitation costs can add up quickly. If you are injured in an accident or are held liable for damages or injuries to someone else, umbrella insurance can protect you from financial disaster.
  • Added protection to your homeowners insurance coverage
  • Extra protection if you are not the sole driver of your vehicle
  • Additional coverage for your personal and business assets
  • Increased insurance protection for your boat, motorcycle, RV or other vehicles
Determining how much coverage you need depends on many variables. Umbrella insurance increases the cash payout of liability coverage for all primary policies and can also be tailored to cover claims that your existing policies exclude. Depending on certain risks and your actual assets, such as an inground pool on your property, or a significant increase in income, First Avenue O Insurance  specialists compare rates from a multitude of carriers and tailor umbrella coverage according to your particular situation.
With so many possibilities for umbrella insurance it is no surprise that most people don’t know where to start.
We can guide you through the process and clearly explain all the options open to you. Please contact us via phone or email to find out more.